Yoga Nidra with Past Life Regression

| 22.04.2020

Yoga Nidra is a practice of deep relaxation of the body and mind, opening up access to the depths of our subconscious. In this session, Yoga Nidra is combined with the technique of immersion in the memories of past lives (regression therapy). The session consists of a theoretical lecture (a story about the methodology and […]

Home altar

| 02.02.2016

The Russian Yoga Journal decided to write about home altars of yoga teachers in Moscow. It also covers my small altar. Interview: Maxim Kirichenko. How did you make home altar? In 1995 I started to practice yoga at the Indian embassy in Moscow. Yogacharya Jayakumar Swamishree from Mysore made his classes there. He taught not […]

Signs on the way

| 11.10.2014

Today, the quiet hot afternoon on the Mediterranean beach, somehow I remembered the old event of my life. In 1995, I was already a student of the Faculty of Philosophy , went into one of the first esoteric shops in Moscow, «Inward Path», when it was still a couple of blocks from the Belorusskaya metro […]

Talks with Rampuri Baba

| 10.02.2013

“…The idea about the existence of some religion called Hinduism was created by western imperialists from a desire to describe the world according to the system of their values” Talks with Rampuri Baba We bring to your attention some fragments from conversations with an interesting teacher – Rampuri Baba. American by origin, for the first […]